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- Flexible and reasonable approach to every customer at low cost. Contact us now! -

What do we make?

We can offer production of mascara, eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, liquid lipstick etc.

Do we print labels?

Yes, We provide services ranging from the design of the layout and production of circulation labels. It is always a careful design development and implementation of the modern manufacturing techniques.

What production time?

Order processing depends on the customer's specifications. At full production cycle (typography and cases), 3-4 month cycle, as subcontracting (typography and plastic tubes are shipped from China).

What products are produced (sigment class)?

Basically, manufacture products in the mass market. Also in the class Middle.

Under what brand produces products?

As of today, we are releasing products under the following trademarks: Merilin, A'Jose, Cool Beauty.

Handling and shipping of output?

We carry out the loading and ogruzku transport the finished product to the campaign for free.


Handling and shipping manufactured products

We now carry out the loading and ogruzku finished product to transport campaign for free.

Middle-class output.

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to produce class Middle.

Opening the site of production.

We welcome you to our site! We will be very glad to cooperate with you. Please fill in the form from the following link

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